Emissionen aus Räuchereibetrieben bestehen aus fettigen, teerigen oder ölhaltigen Verbindungen, die zusätzlich stark geruchsbeladen sind.


Exhaust air filtration & energy recovery for smokehouses

Case study for industrial smokehouses: The KMA AAIRMAXX® Filter System

KMA exhaust air filtration systems reduce your operating costs

In our case study a well-known company produces meat and sausage products at 14 modern locations in Italy. The company offers a wide range of typical Italian meat products. The meat and sausage products are made of high-quality raw materials according to their own recipes. Quality has the highest priority. The quality awareness continues in the choice of the work equipment.

During a production expansion in 2016 the smokehouse was expanded by 4 hot smoke plants. Even before the production expansion the company used the KMA AAIRMAXX exhaust air filtration system, but for the new plant a larger KMA AAIRMAXX exhaust air filtration system for a higher total exhaust air volume of up to 2.250 m3/h was installed outdoors in a frost-resistant housing.

The KMA AAIRMAXX 2250 Filter System saves up to 85 % of the calculated annual operating costs of the post-combustion system (with heat recovery). The CO2 emission from the KMA filter system only amounts to about 11 tons per year – in comparison to 213 tons before.

By using innovative exhaust air filter systems, smokehouses can sustainably avoid environmental pollution through smoke and odours and at the same time make an important contribution to climate protection through minimal energy consumption.

The energy efficient alternative to the expensive conventional post-combustion process.

Industrial smokehouse in Italy

Industrial smokehouse in Italy

Exhaust air volume: exhaust air flow of 2.250 m3/h

The smoking plants are operated with a maximum exhaust air volume of 2.000 m3/h on 6 working days per week with a daily operating time of 16 hours.

Due to the high natural gas and power consumption the annual operating costs of a conventional post-combustion system (with heat recovery) would be about 53.600 €.

The enormous energy consumption lead to an annual CO2 emission of approx. 213 tons.

Lower energy consumption means lower costs

Lower energy consumption means lower costs

This is how the energy efficient KMA AAIRMAXX exhaust air filtration system for smokehouses functions:

1. The hot exhaust air from the smokehouses is collected in the collecting pipe.
2. Particles and aerosols are separated by the tubular electrostatic filter.
3. The gas scrubber separates all the gaseous components.
4. Then, the cleaned air can be directed outside (exhaust air mode).

Inside a frost-resistant housing the KMA AAIRMAXX Filter System is also suitable for outdoor installation.
Existing production plants can still continue to be used without modification.

Reduction of the energy consumption about more than 80%

Reduction of the energy consumption about more than 80%

- The KMA AAIRMAXX 2250 Filter System saves more than 80 % of the calculated annual operating costs for the post-combustion system (with heat recovery): 8.000 € operating costs in comparison to 53.600 €!

- The annual CO2 emissions of the smoke house are reduced to only about 11 tons (in comparison to 213 tons before the installation of the KMA Filter System). The reduction of more than 200 tonns of CO2 emission every year improves the carbon footprint of our client in a sustainable manner.

- Filtration of aerosols (smoke, mist, …)
- Automatic discharge of tar or grease
- Automatic filter cleaning system
- Low-wear operation
- Low energy consumption

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