We put our trust in KMA

Global players, niche supplier and innovative technology pioneers put their trust in KMA’s environmental technology. As they have done for many years. See for yourself.

Industry Case Studies

KMA Abluftfilter bei Nemak in der Gießerei installiert

From conventional extract air mode, to an air filter system with heat recovery and heat pump up to energy saving air recirculation mode – there are various air filtration methods for die casting machines. Which method fits best to your production facility is explained in the following case study.

Highly efficient cleaning of exhaust air for deep-frying & roasting systems, saving money and energy.

Up to 80% less energy consumption compared to conventional post-combustion, reduced CO2-emissions and numerous innovation awards such as the EU FoodTech Award. Learn how our award-winning system works in the following case study.

Exhaust air treatment solutions can be integrated into existing stenter frames

The heat recovery of our KMA filter uses the valuable heat out of the exhaust air in order to reduce the energy consumption of your stenter frame. The recuperated heat is utitilzed to heat up the supply air of the stenter. How to decrease the energy costs is explained in the following case study.

Sausage products are subject to smoking-specific requirements for exhaust air purification.

THE KMA AAIRMAXX filter system can strongly decrease the energy costs of your smoke house.
Save more than 80% in comparison to the conventional thermal/catalytic post-combustion method incl. heat recovery. How to save money with your smoke house is explained in the following case study.

Gummiwerk Kraiburg installs a KMA hybrid filter system consisting of electrostatic precipitator, heat exchanger and fine coal filter.

The KMA ULTRAVENT® exhaust air filter system reduces the energy costs, the emission of CO2 and removes odors from the exhaust air. In the following case study, you can read how to contribute to environmental protection and to save money with your rubber processing plant.

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